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The city of love

Vườn hoa Thủy Tạ

Da Lat has its name because of it is many beauty spots, and being a rendezvous of lovers. With an area of 350 ha, Tuyen Lam is the largest lake in Da Lat. Sailing on the lake, you will feel very pleasant seeing the vast blue water stretching out to the distant hills.

Located right at the heart of town center is Xuan Huong Lake, visitors can walk there to enjoy the fresh air and the scenery. You can also ride a car on the 5km road around the lake to watch it from different angles.

The Love Valley , 7 kilometers from the city, is a natural and poetic beauty spot, an ideal place for couples to express their love. Its setting is still maintained with the natural and serene features of a hilly and mountainous region.

About 6 kilometers from the town center, the Lake of Sigh has a narrow shape, bending along the surrounding hillsides. Beyond the road leading to the lake is the Pine Forest with Two Tombs. The lake is known by its name with the sad legendary love-story.

Dalat golf course

Da Lat Golf Course is a row of 3 connected hills, stretching from the section near Thanh Thuy Restaurant to the City Flower garden the city, used by the French to play golf in the old days. Deserted for a while, now it is the golf course of DRI Co., in a Joint Venture with Lam Dong Tourist Co.

Located on a high hill with the grounds area of 60 ha, Palace 1 once was used as the office of those officials in Bao Dai King's Royal Territory .Afterwards, it was used as the holiday house for N go Dinh Diem. After 1975, the Palace was used as the Central Guest-house. With its ancient appearance and beautiful scenery, Palace 1 is one of the architectural focal points ofDa Lat in earlier period.

Palace 2 was once used as the mansion and summer office of the French Governor General Decoux, hence also called the Governor General Palace. Palace 2 is of modern style under European Architecture, its huge flat roof combined with cubic figures help Palace 2 have its own characteristics different from other old villas in Da Lat.

Palace 3 is also called Bao Dai's Palace, with beautiful and poetic architecture. Surrounding the Palace is the Royal Garden, Love Forest and a small lake. The Palace architecture is also a modern one, with imposing but harmonious and good-looking outline. In the Palace maintained intact are the things for the working and living of Bao Dai King, Nam Phuong Queen, Bao Long Prince, and Phuong Mai Princess.

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Welcome to Dalat, Vietnam

Vietnam’s Dalat—nicknamed “The City of Love,” “Le Petit Paris,” and “City of Eternal Spring”—has long been popular with Vietnamese and expatriate artists and writers who have taken up residence in villas around town. The area, originally inhabited by the Lat and Ma hill tribes which now live in nearby Chicken Village and Lat Village, increased in popularity during the French colonial era. More than 2,000 beautiful French villas dot the area.

Dalat is known all over Vietnam for its flowers. Set next to Xuan Huong Lake, the Dalat Flower Gardens were established in 1966 by the Vietnamese government, and are refined continually. Among the tastefully arranged flora are orchids, hydrangeas, fuchsias, and ferns. Plants and flowers are also for sale, including special fern fibers used to stop bleeding in traditional oriental medicine. Across the road from the Flower Gardens are nurseries with various types of bonsai trees, artfully laid out around the lake.

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